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Meteorite jewellery collection by


Real meteorites fallen from Cosmos to unveil their beauty on Earth.

Millions of meteorites travel through the Earth’s atmosphere, but only a few endure the journey till the end. Landing on Earth. To bring us the heart of a fallen star.

Tempered by outer space, filtered by the atmosphere, and withstood four ice ages. Pure cosmic matter painstakingly handcrafted for you.

Beyond Jewellery - Cosmic Jewels





Crashed on Earth a million years ago in the north of the Arctic Circle (northern Sweden).

Travelled in the interplanetary space for more than 4 billion years, landed on Earth and endured four ice ages.




The spectacular triangular-shaped object was found in a stream bed of the Yasachnaya River in Siberia.

By exploring its surface, it is visibly clear that this meteorite withstood an enormous force and pressure passing through the atmosphere.

More valuable than gold. More exclusive than platinum. A new precious stone. Unique in its essence, and brought back to life with the meticulously craftsmanship of our jewellers.


All our meteorites are real, and their authenticity is officially and independently tested and verified.

Our meteorite hunter is a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association. His identity code number is 18093. In addition, we requested a further in-depth analysis by the scientific laboratories of Vilnius University, confirming that the chemical compositions matched those of meteorites.

The age and the origin of meteorites are determined by two natural factors: the thick cortex of hydroxides, and the presence of cracks indicating the collision with other space objects, asteroids and comets, while travelling in space.

Organic pattern
Meteorites have an extraordinary pattern, known as the Widmanstätten pattern. It is a figure of cross section lines uncovering an extraordinary three-dimensional structure.

The pattern was naturally formed over the course of millions of years, and its presence is the undeniable proof of its cosmic origin.

To preserve their unique Widmanstätten pattern, meteorites are not melted.

It is individually cut and shaped according to the size of your finger. Then skillfully assembled with gold or platinum. After dipping the ring in a special acid solution, the pattern becomes visible and brought to light in all its beauty and uniqueness.


Researchers discovered there is enough gold and platinum on Earth to cover the whole globe with a four metres thick layer of gleam and glitz.

Meteorite rings are much more of a rarity.


raw sign
Solid meteorite

Pure cosmic matter. Falling star. Endless dreams.


raw sign

You can only connect deeply, or not at all.


raw sign

The eternity of meteorite encounters the toughness of diamonds. Both valuable and always together.

Cosmos will lead the path to Earth….


Does it rust?

Because meteorites are naturally iron based, they could occasionally rust, or oxidate, over the years. Bad news? Of course not - our workshop will resolve this occurrence if it does happen. Just avoid salty waters, and remove it before swimming - you don’t want to lose it. Beautiful things ask for care from time to time.

Does the Widmanstätten pattern wear off?

The normal everyday use and external agents like moisture and cosmetic products coming into contact with jewels may lead to reducing their lustre. Unlike any other ring, we can easily revive it by placing it into an acidic solution. The Widmanstätten pattern will reappear, beautifully and gleaming. Just leave it with us - it’s a complimentary service!


Yes, more than gold. Exists with you, beautifully and timeless.

Small cracks on the ring?

Not cracks - we call them cosmic scars. Wounds caused by colliding with asteroids and comets while travelling in outer space before reaching the Earth. Proof of a cosmic life.

What about allergic contact reactions?

Meteorites contain a very small percentage of Nickel (Ni), and this chemical element rarely causes an itchy rash that appears where your skin touches a harmless substance. Nickel is found in several everyday items we come in contact with i.e. jewellery, jeans buttons and coins for example - we just have to be aware of it. Martinėlis & Co will not be liable for adverse reaction to Nickel.

Product Care

Our jewels are created to be worn every day and on every occasion. This is why they need no extraordinary care. Nonetheless, being precious creations, they deserve some simple, caring actions so their beauty and splendor can be preserved over time.

More questions?

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