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Meteorite jewellery collection by


Made out of real meteorites that fell from the skies to unveil beauty in us, humans. Unearthly glamour, pure cosmic matter shaped by crafty wrists of Silvijus Martinėlis.

Tempered by cosmos, filtered by the atmosphere, withstood four ice ages. Eternity, that is tailored personally - to become a part of you or your exceptional one.

Beyond jewellery - more than jewellery.





One of the meteorites we use is Muonionalusta - the oldest ever discovered meteorite. It impacted with the Earth in the north of the Arctic Circle, currently the territory of Northern Sweden, about a million years ago.

The meteorite, itself, is also probably the oldest known meteorite. For more than 4,5 billion years it was dancing in outer space together with other heavenly bodies and later, since landing on Earth, experienced four ice ages.




The spectacular triangular-shaped object was found in a stream bed of the Yasachnaya River in 1967. Another piece was found using a mine detector and was provided to the Academy of Science, USSR.

Exploring its surface, it is visibly clear that this meteorite withstood enormous stress and pressure as it fell through the atmosphere. All of this self-sacrifice just to reach you.

More valuable than gold. More exclusive than platinum. It is a new kind of precious stone. It is unique in its essence, not to mention the tireless craftsmanship of a jeweller.


Evidence of origin
All of our meteorites are real and their authenticity is officially verified.

Our supplier belongs to International Meteorite Collectors Association. His identity code is 18093. Moreover, we brought the material to the scientific laboratories of Vilnius University where it was confirmed that the chemical compositions matched those of specific meteorites.

The thick cortex of hydroxides grows on them while they rest on the surface of the Earth, enabling us to define the meteorites age, in addition to cracks on the surfaces showing us that there was a collision with another asteroid while still in outer space.

Organic pattern
All meteorites have an extraordinary pattern known as the Widmanstätten pattern.

It was formed naturally over the course of millions of years. The presence of the Widmanstätten pattern is proof of the extraterrestrial origin of the object.

To preserve the unique Widmanstätten pattern, meteorite is not being melted.

It is being cut according to the size of a finger, so every ring can be tailored especially for you. Then it is being ringed together with gold or another valuable metal. This pattern becomes apparent only in the last stage of making, after putting the ring through a special acidic solution. Only then can this unique structure be unveiled.


Researchers discovered there is enough gold and platinum in the Earth's core to cover the whole globe with four metres thick layer of bling.

Meteorites are much more of a rarity, although we have rings with combined materials of silver, gold, platinum and meteorite stone.

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Solid meteorite

Pure cosmic matter. Falling star as your accessory - so you could make wishes all the time.

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Meteorite + Gold

Connects phenomena and traditions. Connects heaven and earth. Connects you and your loved one.

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Meteorite + Gold + Diamond

The eternity of meteorite meets the strength of diamond. The most valuable stones - all together.

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Does it rust?

It does not rust and cannot be affected by oxidation. But you should not put it into salty waters. Please remove it before going to swim. You may lose it there!

Does the Widmanstätten pattern wear off?

Like any other ring, it will become slightly polished with time. But unlike any other ring, you can easily restore it by putting it into acidic solution - the Widmanstätten pattern will reappear again in full glory. Just bring it to us - we will restore it free of charge!

Is it durable?

Yes, it is more durable than gold. Just as your relationship will be more durable with such a gesture of commitment.

My ring has some slight cracks

These are authentic scars of meteorite after having a collision with another asteroid in outer space. They stand as a proof of cosmic origin of the stone.

How to look after the ring?

There are no special needs. Just do a simple hygiene - time to time bring it to us or you trusty jeweller. So that your ring would always look and feel like on the first day of wearing.

Have more questions?

Drop us a line at info@martinelis.com or call us +370 670 17 819. Also, you can visit our studio at A. Jakšto st. 2 Vilnius, Lithuania.

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